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About Keen Coffee

Day in and day out, we work with coffee: testing and approving roasting profiles,  selecting new crops and roasting to perfection to share with you.

At Keen Coffee we always search for the best coffees and the most unique flavours. We work directly with farmers, sampling their coffees through cuppings, selecting new crops, and supporting innovative projects to improve the quality of our coffees. Driven by innovation and obsessed with optimising coffee recipes.

Everyday we quest for the perfect cup and will not settle for less.

Roasting style
Every coffee bean is different. Climate, growth height and soil are just a few factors that makes a coffee’s character. With each new coffee we develop perfectly balanced roast profiles that highlight the beans’ natural qualities. Flavours that we uncover through our unique style of roasting. 

We roast on a Loring because it’s more efficient and improves the freshness of our beans. The Loring lets us be more precise with our roasting, it’s smoke free, and it’s more energy efficient. Better for your taste buds and the environment.

Direct trade
The first coffee we ever bought was through direct trade between us and Natalia a contact we made in Brazil. For a small team like ours, buying coffee directly is an ambitious goal, and this first purchase was only a small step to reaching it.

Our dream is to strengthen every link in the coffee chain, and this dream starts with our own coffee. With direct trade we are sure that farmers paid fairly and we’re making the coffee industry more equal.

But ethics are not the only reason we support direct trade. We believe in a strong relationships between farmer, buyer and seller. Together we can take the quality of our coffees to the next level.

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